How to Apply for the MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant and Qualify for Funding

You are an entrepreneur with a great business idea but lack the funds to get your venture off the ground. The search for startup capital often leads aspiring business owners down an arduous path, but MTN’s Yellopreneur grant could be the funding lifeline you need. This guide will walk you through the grant’s eligibility requirements and application process step-by-step.

With the proper preparation and persistence, you can submit a compelling proposal that catches the eye of the judges. Securing the Yellopreneur grant could provide the essential boost your business needs to transform from concept to reality. Follow along to learn how to craft a successful application and position yourself to qualify for up to 5 million naira in no-strings-attached capital for your promising startup.


What Is the MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant?

The MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant is an initiative by MTN Nigeria to empower young entrepreneurs in the country. Through this grant, MTN provides funding and training to help startups grow their businesses.

    Application Process

    The application process involves the following steps:

    Submit Your Application

    You will need to submit an online application with details about yourself, your business, financials, business plan, etc. The application period is usually in the first quarter of the year.


    MTN will review all applications received to determine those that meet the eligibility criteria. Shortlisted applicants will proceed to the next round.


    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges. The pitching session allows applicants to demonstrate their passion and business acumen.

    Announcement of Winners

    MTN will announce the final grant recipients based on their applications and pitching. Winners will receive funding, mentorship, and training to boost their businesses.

    The MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant is an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to gain funding and skills to scale their businesses. By meeting the requirements and going through the application process, you stand a chance to win up to ₦10 million to boost your startup.

    Requirements to Qualify for the MTN Yellopreneur Funding

    To qualify for funding from the MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant, applicants must meet several requirements. Must be an MTN customer for at least 6 months Applicants must have been an active MTN customer for a minimum of 6 months to qualify for funding. This ensures applicants have an established relationship and payment history with MTN, increasing the likelihood of grant repayment.

    Must be between 18 to 35 years old

    The MTN Yellopreneur Grant targets young entrepreneurs, so applicants must be between 18 to 35 years old. MTN aims to support youth business development and job creation in communities.

    Must have a registered business

    Applicants must have a registered business that has been operating for 6-24 months. The business must be formally registered with the government and meet all legal requirements to operate. Funding will not be provided for business ideas or startups that are not yet legally registered and operational.

    Must have a viable business plan

    Applicants must submit a comprehensive business plan outlining key details of their business, including products/services, marketing and operational plans, SWOT analysis, financial projections, and funding requirements. The business plan should demonstrate the potential for business growth and job creation.

    Must meet key financial criteria

    Selected applicants must meet certain financial criteria, including a minimum annual revenue and number of employees. The specific financial criteria will depend on the particular funding amount being requested. Applicants should be prepared to provide financial statements to verify they meet the necessary criteria.

    Meeting all requirements and submitting a strong, detailed application does not guarantee funding but does increase the likelihood of being selected as an MTN Yellopreneur. MTN aims to support youth entrepreneurs and businesses with high potential for growth, so applicants that best demonstrate this potential will receive priority. Following the necessary steps and providing high quality information gives applicants the best chance of being awarded an MTN Yellopreneur Business Grant.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the MTN Yellopreneur Grant

    To apply for funding from the MTN Yellopreneur program, you must follow the application process carefully. Before beginning your application, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, including being an MTN mobile subscriber and running a business in an MTN operational area.

    Gather the Required Documents

    The application requires certain documents to verify your identity and business. These include a copy of your national ID or passport, proof of business registration or licensing, company profile, and audited financial statements for the last two years. If audited statements are unavailable, provide bank statements as evidence of cash flow.

    Complete the Online Application

    The application is submitted via the MTN Yellopreneur portal. You will need to provide personal information, details about your business including location and number of employees, and your business plan or proposal. Your business plan should outline your operational model, target market, marketing plan, organizational structure, and financial projections. It must demonstrate how the grant funding will be utilized to improve your business.

    Application Review and Disbursement

    MTN will evaluate all applications to determine eligibility and viability. Successful applicants will be contacted to provide any additional details. If awarded funding, MTN will disburse the amount in two installments – 60% upfront and 40% once you have utilized the initial amount. You must provide evidence of how the first installment was used before receiving the balance.

    Compliance and Monitoring

    As an MTN Yellopreneur beneficiary, MTN will monitor your business progress through site visits and reports. You must comply with the program terms and conditions, using the funds strictly for business purposes as outlined in your proposal. Failure to comply can result in suspension of funding or repayment of disbursed amounts.

    By diligently following the application steps and requirements, you maximize your chances of qualifying for an MTN Yellopreneur grant. The program provides funding and support to help grow your business, so take advantage of this opportunity.

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    You now have a complete overview of the MTN Yellopreneur business grant and how to apply for funding. By following the step-by-step application process outlined, you can put your best foot forward and submit a compelling proposal. With thorough preparation, a feasible business plan, and a passion for entrepreneurship, you have what it takes to potentially qualify. Consider getting support from business mentors, developing a strong application, and staying persistent. Even if not selected this round, keep working to strengthen your business and skills. The journey of launching and growing a thriving enterprise can start here.

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