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Looking to pursue a career in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field but concerned about costs? As a woman interested in technology, you may be eligible for the Microsoft Women’s Scholarship. This opportunity, offered by a leading tech company, provides financial assistance to female students in eligible STEM bachelor’s degree programs. With this scholarship, you can cover expenses like tuition, books, and housing as you work toward launching your career. In this article, learn more about who qualifies for the award, required materials to apply, and how this scholarship demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to empowering women in tech.

Overview of the Microsoft Women’s Scholarship

The Microsoft Women’s Scholarship aims to support and encourage women pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. The scholarship provides tuition funding and mentorship for women studying computer science, engineering or a related technical degree at universities in the United States.


Eligibility and Selection

To be eligible, applicants must be female university students in the U.S. currently studying computer science, computer engineering or a related technical degree. Selection is based on several factors, including a student’s passion for technology, leadership abilities, and academic achievements. Preference is given to students from groups underrepresented in STEM.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The Microsoft Women’s Scholarship awards funding to help cover tuition costs for the academic year. More than just financial support, the program also pairs each scholar with a Microsoft employee mentor. Mentors provide guidance and advice to help scholars succeed in their STEM studies and careers. Scholars also gain access to Microsoft’s professional networks, receiving invitations to events and opportunities to interview for internships or jobs at Microsoft.

Promoting Diversity in Technology

The Microsoft Women’s Scholarship aims to encourage more women to pursue and succeed in technology careers. Despite modest gains, women remain underrepresented in most STEM occupations. The scholarship targets support at critical junctures in the STEM education pipeline to promote gender diversity in technology fields. By helping more women enter into and advance in STEM careers, the program works to address the gender imbalance in the technology workforce.

Eligibility and Application Process for the Scholarship

Basic Criteria

To be eligible for the Microsoft Women’s Scholarship, applicants must meet a few basic criteria. First, the applicant must identify as female. Second, she must be currently enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD program in a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) field at an accredited college or university.

Fields of Study

Eligible fields of study include computer science, software engineering, data science, and IT, as well as STEM programs like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and engineering. Both technical and non-technical degrees are considered.

Application Requirements

To apply, students must submit an online application including a resume, academic transcripts, a short essay discussing their passion for their field of study and future career goals, and letters of recommendation from two professors or mentors. Exceptional leadership skills, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an interest in using technology to drive positive change in the world are viewed favorably.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by a committee of Microsoft employees and leaders. Finalists are selected and invited to interview. The committee then chooses scholarship recipients based on their application materials, interview, and merits. Around 15-20 scholarships of up to $10,000 each are awarded annually.

Additional Opportunities

recipients also receive mentorship from Microsoft employees, networking opportunities, access to Microsoft technology and software, invitations to the annual Microsoft Scholars Summit, and more. The goal is to provide scholars with support and resources to help them thrive in their STEM programs and pursue successful careers in technology.

Tips for Creating a Strong Application

To be considered for the Microsoft Women’s Scholarship, submitting a compelling application is crucial. Here are some recommendations to strengthen your application:

Focus on Your Passion for STEM

In your personal statement, convey your genuine interest in science, technology, engineering or math. Discuss any STEM projects you have worked on, your future ambitions in a STEM field of study, and how the scholarship would help you achieve your goals. The reviewers want to understand your passion for STEM.

Highlight Relevant Experience

If you have experience with coding, building apps or websites, participating in hackathons, or internships in STEM fields, emphasize these in your application. While not required, relevant experience demonstrates your aptitude and commitment to STEM. Discuss the skills and knowledge you have gained from these opportunities.

Emphasize Leadership Abilities

The Microsoft Women’s Scholarship seeks to support future leaders in STEM. If you have leadership experience from school clubs, sports teams, volunteering or other activities, include examples in your application. Discuss how these experiences have strengthened your leadership skills and how you aspire to be a leader in the STEM field you want to pursue.

Ask Your Teachers for Recommendations

Strong letters of recommendation from your teachers can significantly strengthen your application. Ask teachers who have taught you in STEM subjects to write recommendations that speak to your abilities and potential in those areas of study. Provide them information about the scholarship and your goals so they can personalize the recommendation letter.

Meet the Minimum Requirements

Ensure you meet or exceed the minimum requirements for GPA, test scores and community service hours. The reviewers will evaluate all parts of your application, so make certain each component is as robust as possible. With preparation and a competitive application, you will maximize your chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship.

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While challenges remain for women pursuing careers in STEM, the Microsoft Women’s Scholarship is making an impact by providing financial assistance and mentorship to talented female students. By supporting the next generation, we all have a role to play in shaping a more diverse, equitable future. Consider how you can support women in your own community, whether through mentoring, networking or highlighting positive role models. Small actions today enable women to access opportunities and become leaders in technical fields tomorrow. Together, we can empower women in STEM and build a workforce that reflects our full potential.

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